Same Time, Same Place





Only change is constant they say.
I stood, where I was yesterday, today and tomorrow.
For evidence of change.
Everyday, watching the sun vanish
Beyond the mysterious skies
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
Same time, Same place.



  1. theSuda · August 16, 2013

    Hey Neha. Nice concept. I thought there would be more photos. Two more without any clouds, day time and night time.

    (P.S. Think of categories and tags. That is how people find out about your blog posts. For example, WP has this Reader thing that you can use to explore favorite topics:!/read/topic/photography/ )

    • nehasomalwar · August 16, 2013

      Hey thanks!
      Day and night concept is cool too..
      Thanks for the idea.
      Will add tags and categories soon!

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