Almost missed the bus

Today i was driving by a very crowded area in the city, whilst the sun and clouds played their own little game of deception with the humans. They decided to drench every human who lost the game, with water. The traffic was moving slowly, due to the big frameworks for pendals being set up, right in the middle of the roads, in preparation of the soon approaching Ganpati festival.

After a couple of minutes, a bus passed by me. I saw a round faced teenaged boy, in a school uniform hanging out from the door of the bus, looking very worried. The cause of his worry was evident within a few seconds, as a lanky boy in the same uniform ran behind the bus, to catch it. The bus had gone off pretty far by then but i had to admire the guy for his determination, for he still kept running behind the bus. A middle aged man on a bike slowed down near the boy and asked him ,”Bus pakdaichi ka?“, meaning do you want to catch the bus. The boy gratefully climbed on the bike and they left on the trail of the bus.

I followed them. The bus had stopped at a red signal few meters away. As we approached the bus, I saw the round faced boy’s mouth split into a wide toothy grin. “chad lavakar“, he yelled at the lanky boy who had swiftly gotten down from the bike. Once inside the moving bus, they both broke into laughter, apparently relieved. They waved to the man on the bike merrily. The bus stopped again within a couple of minutes at a red signal. The lanky boy, got stepped down from the bus, waved his friend goodbye and again started running, this time towards another bus. He made a lot of heads turn towards him on the street. I realized that for him, it wasn’t about missing the bus, but it was the few extra minutes with his friend that he would have missed.
Thank you boys for making me smile today!



  1. theSuda · August 19, 2013

    Yeah… and did that incident remind you of some other round face(or person 😉 ) you know who feels the same?
    Made me smile.. thanks 🙂

    (wassup with the italics in last para?)

    • nehasomalwar · August 19, 2013

      I really wished i had a camera in my hand. His smile was priceless.

  2. Neeli · November 30, 2013

    When we start observing things around us.. we get so many beautiful things to think about, to write about… this is one such beautiful thing.. though we do not notice things for the sake of writing… but when we put them in our writings, register them in mind… they become memories… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful memory 🙂 I was almost picturizing the whole scene while reading this post 🙂 🙂

    you write really well…. n all clicks amazing 🙂

    keep it up!!!

    • Nea · November 30, 2013

      I agree with you.. When i saw this scene, i hardly thought i would write about it. The sheer simplicity of it made me want to share it with people..
      Glad you like my writings and photos 🙂
      Thank you so much 🙂

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