The camera does not maketh the photographer

19th August was World Photography Day. To celebrate our love for photography, me and my friend climbed up a small hill and clicked some post sunset pictures. Later, in the evening, I was reading the statuses of some of my friends on a social networking site. Most of them were some or the other form of ‘Happy World Photography Day’.

However I came across this one genius who wrote ‘Happy World Photography Day to all DSLR and SLR users’. I was literally screaming at the laptop screen, ‘Why would you say that!!’. Why not extend greetings to those who use point and shoots, film cameras or phone cameras. I fail to understand this discrimination of photographers and non photographers based on cameras. It doesn’t matter if you have an Elder wand or a Holly and a Phoenix feather wand. As long as you have a wand you are still a wizard. Take pictures if you love photography, in spite of your camera’s shortcomings. It’s a different kind of magic and remember you have the vision to create that magic.

In the spirit of (belated) World Photography Day , I am posting two pictures of the same flower which I took from my DSLR and my iPhone camera, last week. I love them both.

Taken with my canon EOS 450D
Taken with my iPhone 3gs

This is making me wonder if I should start a photo project camera v/s phone camera. πŸ™‚


One comment

  1. theSuda · August 22, 2013

    I keep saying it.. Your phone takes better photos than our cameras πŸ˜€

    And yes may be you should start that project. Though it does not make a long term project.

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