Photo Project : Exams

Exams- we hate them, they haunt us.

I am starting a little photo project dedicated to my 6 days of final exams.
One photo for each paper 😛
Trying to show the exact amount of crazy that happens during exam preparations!

Day 1 : 16.12.2013
Subject: Cell Signaling & Biomembranes

Lost in doodles



  1. PsiFiGal · December 16, 2013

    This made me giggle, the little figurine amidst all those notes looks a little lost. I hope your exams went well, or have they not happened yet? Anyway, thanks for the giggle 🙂

    • Nea · December 17, 2013

      Psifi gal, the little figurine is me.. All completely lost. My exams started yesterday!
      I am clicking pictures as the exams happen 🙂
      Day two coming soon!
      M so glad u I made u giggle 😀

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