A Magical Night

She sat by the window, on a cold winter’s night,
With books in her hand, and not a Geminid in sight.

She struggled with the iron bars and crammed her neck.
And yet no meteors fell for her sake.

She looked at the mismatched socks, she wore in a hurry,
The stars suddenly seemed to be so blurry.

She clutched the blanket closer to her,
And closed her eyes as sleep won over.

She stood in a forest, covered with snow,
And in the middle of it, she saw a fire glow.

She went closer and found a tall talking tree,
A river gushed through the woods, along with a wind so free!

The fire danced to the wind, under the moon.
On the river’s music, the tree sang a whimsical tune.

Forgetting herself, she clapped and cheered.
And no sooner, had the Gods of the Elements disappeared.

At midnight, she heard a bark and opened her eyes,
Out of the window, she saw a dog of a big size.

Then appeared a man, as if out of a sketch,
He threw a stick, for the dog to fetch.

She watched them together only to realize,
that, it was Santa and Rudolf, in a clever disguise.

Though not a Geminid in sight,
It was yet a magical night.

May this Winter bring Joy to you! Share some laughs, spread the cheer. Believe in Magic.
Merry Christmas!



  1. ym1611 · December 25, 2013

    I really like this one! 🙂 Great poem.

    And a Merry Christmas 😀

    • Nea · December 25, 2013

      Thanks a lot!
      Hope u had a good Christmas 🙂

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