My Singapore Story

These days, most of my sentences begin with, “When I was in Singapore,….” 🙂 and so that is how I decided to begin my blog post. I went to SG for for a 10 day long vacation and began the new year in a different country! It was my first trip abroad as an adult and it was my first trip abroad alone. It was a long journey- from a folder, on my laptop, called ‘Visa Documents’, to another folder, called ‘Singapore Photos’!

So beware! For now I begin spamming you guys with stories and pictures of my trip! 😀
Welcome to the City of the Merlion, the Island guarded by the mighty Lion, the fishing village of Temasek!
I find mythical creatures rather fascinating. They make us keep an open mind for all kind of possibilities.
When you climb all the way up (in an elevator) to the 37 meters tall Merlion’s head, you get to see this spectacular view.
This tallest observatory in Singapore, the revolving Tiger Tower, located at Sentosa Island, along with this gigantic replica of the Merlion offers a full panoramic view of the Island!

I could go on endlessly about Merfolk or how friendly the Singaporeans are but I think I ll stop for now. What happened on wordpress while I was on vacation? How did you start your new year? Did I miss an awesome post that you wrote? Feel free to send me a link 🙂



  1. PsiFiGal · January 22, 2014

    Wow, what beautiful and awesome pics! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen pictures of Singapore before, at least not modern ones. I had to google it because it made me realize that I knew nothing about it really, just that it was asian. Thank you for helping me to learn more about this beautiful country 🙂

    • Nea · January 22, 2014

      Thats so sweet! Thanks 🙂 I have some more pictures coming up in another post! U can learn more 🙂

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