Along the sidewalk, he strolled aimless
As, for that night, he was homeless.

With a whistle on his lips and a twinkle in his eye,
He paused a while, to look at the star studded sky!

Even with his apartment at a stone’s throw,
The bespectacled guy had nowhere to go.

He reached a bus stop and took a seat.
Everything tonight seemed so neat.

Through the pair of glasses, he had just bought,
His eyes saw everything that they had sought.

First came a lady and with her little girl,
And he silently listened to their tales unfurl.

Along came a man walking his black dog,
Behind them was his wife, on a jog.

The dog came to him and sniffed his shoe,
Happily, he petted the dog too.

With a loud screeching break, a bike had stopped,
And off the bike, the rider’s girlfriend hopped.

While they chatted about a movie song,
A guy smoking a cig came along.

He constantly kept checking his phone,
While voices at the stop sounded like bees in a drone.

Towards the bus stop, three teenagers ran,
While slowly walking towards it, was an old man.

As big lights flashed in his eyes, he saw the bus,
Everyone got up at once, and so began the rush.

As the last person to climb, stood on a bus step,
And zooming with the speed of a convertible, it left.

While he sat still, on the bus stop seat,
He wondered who else, would he meet.

He gazed across the starry sky.
Tonight, he was a homeless guy.



  1. theSuda · March 27, 2014

    Well… that rhymes… 🙂

    By the end I was almost singing this.. may be fit it in a tune and see..

    • Nea · March 27, 2014

      Hahaha! I love rhyming things 🙂
      Should take up song writing 😛

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