Photo Project : Bus Stop Seats

I seemed to have developed an immense liking for bus stops. This is my third bus/ bus stop related post! And I never even use this particular mode of transportation.

So bus stop seats. Why? Good question.

Sometimes in the evenings, I go for a walk. It usually involves me, music in my phone and a sidewalk, nearly a kilometer long. Sometimes my camera likes to tag along.

One particular evening, my camera wanted to try some long exposures. But the tripod was sick and didn’t want to venture out in the dark. So we found these empty bus stop seats, for support.
We were both happy with the photographs.

It was late, I decided to return home. Walking back, we reached another bus stop. It had different kind of seats. The camera wanted to click those.

You shouldn’t let your camera take over your head. Imagine the amount of weird stares I got from all those strangers at the traffic signal.

I finally decided to walk ahead. Again we crossed a bus stop. It had different seats too. My camera gave me a look that said, ‘Let’s click this bitch! We iz going to be rich!’

And so we did. That is when I decided to see if the other bus stop seats on the same stretch of road were different too.

Thus began project bus stop seats!

I began taking my camera along for walks every day. After long patience-requiring waits, I finally managed to click the most crowded bus stops, crowd-less.

Ironically, the most crowded bus stop on this street had no seats! .

Regular people from the street, like vegetable vendors, stuffed animal sellers, auto-wallas and fellow evening walkers were now accustomed to me and my camera. The weird stares had now reduced. Even I had begun to notice these people more. A kid, who sold vegetables on the street,t usually wore a checkered green shirt. His mother had beautiful long hair, always neatly braided into a thick plat. As the weeks progressed into the summer, the guy with a sugarcane juice cart had propped up with his family.

These commuters, apparently, did not care that I had my camera pointed at their backs, while they waited for their bus.

This bus stop is significant. It means that I ‘ve reached home. Again no seats.
A week after clicking this, I found out this place to be completely dug up by the corporation guys.

It was now inhabited by the dog mafia. If they formed a political party and decided to stand for the current elections and rule the humans of the earth, they’d have my vote.

I did not know where to stop. So I let my feet decide.

It was my camera’s idea to include my shadow in the picture. He can be brilliant at times!

I have been doing this, almost for a month now! What have you been up to guys?
Cheers 🙂



  1. Nice post. What have I been up to? Recovering from a head injury

  2. kutukamus · May 23, 2014

    Hi Nea, I’m from the pool. Warning: I can be fussy sometimes. 🙂

    I like the story you put into the project. From “..the amount of weird stares..” to “The weird stares had now (‘then’?) reduced..”. It’s a little battle, and you win people over, in a way. Now that’s cool. 🙂
    Still, if you want, I guess you can make the story in present tense. Like, describe the ‘when’ in the very beginning, then be ‘on the now’ from then on. It might give your pictures some more ‘present feel’.

    Do yourself a favor: next time, rename your pic-files with something more informative (but still short) than those untelling self-generated ever-clumsy ‘img_6525-2..’ or the like.

    You don’t use captions (for the pics)? Me neither, mostly. I feel that pictures will speak more freely without them. Check my pics here, you’ll know what I mean (try not to read any words for a few secs):
    But sometimes captions are just necessary, see here:
    like, just to make sure that the viewers ‘know their way around in the jungle’, or, in your case, to streghten a point–say, you might want to give a caption to one of your pics here with something like: ‘The crowdless most crowded’ to add some ‘touch’ (just some wild example, mind you).

    It seems that you like doing it straight. Well, that’s not a sin as far as I know. But I guess you might want to play with perspectives sometimes, and see how it goes.

    When you are going to have quite a number of pics in a single post (say, about ten or more), then it might be a good idea to play with size and orientation (check out those two links again). It will make the visual less ‘static’.

    Check the 1st link above. Try click on the littlest pic (yes, the girl on the backseat). See what I mean? Try some pics from the other link too, just for a taste.

    Your pics are big. In their real sizes, they go way beyond the edge of my screen. I mean, people will find it easier to appreciate your work if they can see the whole thing in one frame, won’t they?

    This comment/feedback is way way too long, feel free to delete this anytime you want. 😀

    • Nea · May 23, 2014

      That is some really good advice.

      About captions.
      I dont like giving captions because what I write (usually below the image) is in flow with the image and the story. I feel like captions are unnecessary at times.

      Image size and titles.
      I read about these things in one of the Blogging 101 things. Going to fix that from the next post.

      Story and angles.
      You are a really keen observer. Really constructive feedback!

      Layout and Navigation.
      I will have some questions, when i put my mind to making some of these changes. Maybe I can ask you then?

      Thanks a lot. All this fuss helps 🙂 🙂

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